Regulations and reservation

Selected ticket type

With reservation for errors or changes in prices,
regulations and other conditions. For some travel
dates, so-called mixed tickets may be needed.
Read more about mixed tickets here.

Price adult2700 SEK
Price child 2-122100 SEK
Price infant350 SEK
Ticket typeRound trip, economy
Validity3 months
Baggage40 kg (infants 10 kg)
Valid (outbound)2019-01-01 – 2019-12-31

Reservation request

Name according to passport for each traveller. Iranians need a valid passport and access to Iran. Everyone else needs a valid visa. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding visas.
Traveller 1
First name Last name
Traveller 2
First name Last name
Traveller 3
First name Last name

Desired date of outbound flight Desired date of return flight
Email address Phone home/work Mobile phone
Address (must be given for mail order) City and country Fax
Additional requests and names of further travellers


  • The prices listed above do not include airport taxes and other fees. Upon changes or refunds, a fee to the travel agency of at least 500 SEK applies in addition to any fees to the airline.
  • The date for the return trip must be booked.
  • Minimum stay 3 days.
  • The ticket may be changed against a fee to the airline of at least 500 SEK.
  • The ticket can be refunded before departure against a fee to the airline of at least 800 SEK. No refund after departure.
  • The ticket is not endorsable and only reroutable to other Scandinavian Iran Air flights.